Buckhead Safety Cab Announces Support for the #SAVEWRAS Movement

Buckhead Safety Cab supports #SAVEWRAS

Buckhead Safety Cab supports SAVEWRASBuckhead Safety Cab, as one of the oldest and longest-running taxi services in Atlanta, is a proud part of the Atlanta community and issued a press release expressing its support of the #SAVEWRAS movement to help return WRAS 88.5-FM Radio to being the all-student-run station it had been since its inception in 1971.

Here is an excerpt from a press release:

Atlanta, GA, September 2, 2014 – Buckhead Safety Cab Co. today announced their support for the #SAVEWRAS movement and their fight to return WRAS, 88.5 FM to being the student-run radio station it had been for over forty years, until Georgia State University and Georgia Public Television reached an agreement for GPB to take over the majority of the airtime on the 100,000 watt radio station.

“We’re happy to show our support of the movement to save WRAS FM radio,” said Jean Charlemagne, President of Buckhead Safety Cab Co. “We feel a kindred spirit with the Save WRAS movement – just as we are battling the entrance of Uber and other non-regulated taxi-like companies, A88A are battling an unwelcome takeover that impacts not only the students of Georgia State University, but the Atlanta community as a whole and so many independent music artists who otherwise might not ever get radio airplay without stations like WRAS.”

“We’re proud to place #SAVEWRAS stickers on our taxi cabs and we hope that it helps the cause that the students, alumni and the community at large are fighting for. Our taxi cabs are continually on the roads around Atlanta and we hope this high visibility really helps both raise awareness about the #SAVEWRAS movement and helps them in their goal to have WRAS 88.5-FM return to the all-student-run programming that it should be.”

Buckhead Safety Cab supports SAVEWRAS movementFor more, please visit here: http://www.free-press-release.com/news-buckhead-safety-cab-co-announces-support-for-the-savewras-movement-1409596087.html


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